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At My Pet's Vet, your pets are our family. Come partner with us today for the health and wellness of the pets we love. 





Proactively caring for every aspect of your pet's overall well-being. Including dental care, behavior, parasite control, nutrition, vaccinations, and two wellness exams a year.

We provide quotes to all appointment requests made at least 24 hours in advance. Same day appointments will be given quotes during the home visit.



Bring your pet's HOME again. We highly recommend microchipping for all dogs and cats, and its never been more affordable. We can microchip pet birds, pet reptiles, and other small animals as well.


We use slim microchips for all our patients. All of our microchips are ISO compatible, meeting the requirements for internationally traveling pets. 


At this time, we are not offering surgery to our clients and pets. For spay and neuter services to more complex veterinary surgical procedures, My Pet's Vet has partnered with a local veterinary clinic to provide these services in a safe and sterile environment. If interested, please contact us for more information and scheduling.


Your pet should benefit from a healthy diet at every stage of its life. Whether you're concerned about obesity, food allergies or just need help to understand those pet food labels, My Pet's Vet staff, and doctors are eager to help.



My Pet's Vet is a primary care provider. During regular service hours, we provide urgent care assistance. We partner with you to determine if a referral to an emergency hospital or in home care is in your pet's best interest. If your pet has an imminent care need, please take your pet calmly and safely to an emergency clinic near you.


At My Pet's Vet, we treat exotic animals such as reptiles, birds, and small mammals, including guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, and gerbils to name a few.



My Pet's Vet expertise in treating pet illness is just as comprehensive as our health and wellness care measures. Like you, every pet will experience an illness. My Pet's Vet uses a wide range of the best and latest diagnostic technology, to treat a wide variety of pet illnesses, from short-term infections to long-term conditions.



A healthy pet starts with healthy teeth and gums. My Pet's Vet is here to help combat tooth and gum disease. Left untreated your pet becomes susceptible to chronic illness like heart disease, liver disease, and kidney disease.

pug lying head on hardwood floor with front legs spread out

Proudly providing a high standard of pet care, our trained veterinary staff treats your pet with the love and compassion they deserve. Bring us to your happy tailed member of the family at your chosen location. My Pet's Vet,  a mobile vet clinic in the Upstate of South Carolina, is excited to be your new partners in superior pet health care!

My Pet's Vet mobile vet team offers flexible scheduling and is ready to provide high quality care for your pet. We enjoy seeing your companions in the comfort of your home. We offer microchipping, vaccinations, minor illness care, and more. Our team is equipped to help you with most of your pet health needs.

Our online pet care library can keep you informed on a variety of pet health conditions. Find news articles, tips, nutritional information and more to help you keep your pet healthy. Each article is curated, written, or edited by a qualified pet health expert to help your pet live a better life.

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About us 

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Contact Us
 Phone: (864) 206 -5315

By Appointment Only

Open Monday - Friday

Open every other Saturday

Closed Sunday

For Emergency and After Hours care we recommend

Animal Emergency Clinic 

(864) 233 - 7650

Oasis Animal Hospital

(864) 288 - 4000

Fetch Urgent and Specialty Care

(864) 900 - 5888

Exotic Animals Emergency and After Hours Care

Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) of Greenville

(864) 252 - 9520

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